Friday, December 25, 2009

Dylan the mysterious ‘true believer’

I will say that I see no reason, during the past decade or two, to believe that Dylan has stopped believing that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah. I see all kinds of reasons to believe that Dylan has stopped believing that Bob Dylan is the messiah, the great genius who defined a generation. I’ll leave it at that. I also know that lots of music journalists in their ’50s and ’60s still care about this issue. CLICK HERE to read more


WWE said...

A sleeper of a book on the subject is "Restless Pilgrim." Author goes through many examples of supposed lapses or "moving on" in Dylan's Christianity. In every case there will be a song or concern in which he sings the most theologically definitive Christian songs, referring to the blood of the lamb, and so on. Not any evidence of watering it down to generic "Higher Power" or "goodness." I say he is still in the Savior's hand.

WWE said...

Link to book:

“The highest form of song is prayer.”
-Bob Dylan

STOCKHOLM 04.05.2002

Just a few days after performing at the 2002 Grammy's, Bob Dylan recorded a new re-write of "Gonna Change My Way of Thinking" for "Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan" with longtime friend Mavis Staples. One month later he would kick off a new tour in Stockholm Sweden and perform Solid Rock (what many consider the theme song to his gospel era concerts) for the first time in 20 years. Dylan would continue to perform this rousing song as well as other gospel era songs at numerous concerts across Europe and beyond. The two-time Grammy nominated compilation would be released on Sony/Columbia one year later on April 1, 2003.

Sinead O'Connor - Property Of Jesus